KAMUNA concert at Sophia Univ. 2011 (#2)

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#08 Orca's Song

Takuki wrote the tune when he was about 37. A few years later NHK used it for the "World Weather" program for a year and a half.@ At the time it was called "Orc's Grief". Several more years passed and Takuki asked Midori Chino to write lyrics to accompany it. The title was changed to "Orca's Song".

#09 Talk: about scales and blues

#10 Musasabi Blues

Takuki was 37 when he began to take jazz guitar lessons under Yoshihara, his one and only teacher. Jazz guitar lessons always start with the blues, and true to tradition, Yoshihara taught him how to play the blues at the first lesson. Takuki appeared at the next one with this piece, saying, "I've made a really cool blues. Here it is!"
It was the "Musasabi Blues", musasabi meaning taguan in Japanese.

#11 Talk: about chord expression and the secret of 'One Note Samba'

#12 One Note Samba


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