KAMUNA concert at Sophia Univ. 2011 (#4)

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#19 Talk: Making of 'Kiseki no Hoshi' (the miracle planet)

Takuki wrote this song in 2010 as the theme song for a big charity music event held by the Japan Music Association.
The producer wanted a magnificent yet graceful song that famed singers can join in in a chorus.
The song won the Grand Prix at the event, but was never released to the public, owing to the disruptions caused by the 3.11 Nuclear Power Plant disaster, the power game of the productions, and other unfortunate factors.

Toko Shiiki, photographer and movie artist, discovered the song and was eager to put it in her movie "Threshold: the Whispers of Fukushima". In the last scene, Takuki sings the song.

#20 Kiseki no Hoshi (The Miracle Planet)

#21 encore call and ...

#22 Escape from Spring


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