KAMUNA live at Sophia Univ. 2011

On July 6, 2011 KAMUNA held a two-hour charity concert at Sophia University. The movie clips collected here cover nearly all of the event. The titles marked with are music performances.

#1 Opening (Mugonka - Stephen)

Since 2000, KAMUNA's leader Yoshimitsu Takuki taught classes at Sophia University as a part-time instructor. At the last class every year, he gave a music performance with his partner Hiroharu Yoshihara. It continued for eleven years and the 2011 performance proved to be the last concert.

#2 Opening Talk and Introduction of members

#3 Lonely Sunday

Midori Chino wrote this sad but funny poem when she was a student at Sophia. She used to sing it to a tune she made up, but it was forgotten over the years. Takuki composed a new melody for it.

#5 Talk: What I exprienced in Fukushima on 3.11

Takuki lived in a small village in Fukushima for seven years where he met with the 3.11 disastar. His house was located 25 km. from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. He escaped as soon as he saw the explosion of the Plant on TV.

#6 Midnight Eyes

This is one of the earliest works as KAMUNA. Takuki wrote the tune when Yoshihara was teaching him how to play jazz guitar.

#7 Talk: What is 'perfect pitch'? There are many types of 'ear for music'.


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