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Orca's Song -KAMUNA 3-
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Orca's Song

(lyrics: Chino Midori / music: Takuki Yoshimitsu)
Set me free,
Rushing waters fall fast away.
Go with me
To a deep blue world way beyond.
High winds blow
Over orcas and men both alike.
The cries of woe
Drowning out the moaning winds.

All the unhappy ones go rushing by,
Far and so far away they'll go.
Can you hear me cry, see my eyes,
Feel my hands, and share all my heartache?
Let me go, please I only want to go.

Can you see
Tumblin' waves so green and so blue?
Ride with me
On the crest of white foaming pain.
Bright clouds fly,
The changin' shapes oh strange yet so true.
I climb sky high
By myself all alone.

(lyrics by Chino Midori)

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